Michał Pośpiech

Specializing in landscape photography for few years, trying to capture incredible light and the beauty and rawness of nature.

I fouded a project Silesians on the edge of Europe, that television networks; TVP Katowice, TVS and Dziennik Zachodni took under a media patronage. Its purpose was to bring Iceland closer to wider group of people. The project itself  was  succeeded ba a variety of prlections and exhibitions.

I have visited Iceland in every possible way; on a motorcycle, in a 4x4and on my own feet.

I have finished a post graduate studie in the field of Documentary and Travel Photography on University of Technology in Katowice.

Visited over 30 countries on four continents,but I find myself best in the raw, cold climates like Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands or Scotland. I want to share this experience with you.

Photography workshops organize by me ar targeted for photographers with any level experience, but non-photographers are also welcome. The only thing you need to take under consideration is that we spend a little more time at a location than a typical tourist.


Poleska 16/2, 40-733 Katowice


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